Drowning in Paper

Clump #131:  Clear second paper pile from bedroom closet.

Another pile bites the dust … or shakes it off in the recycling bag.  I tried to glean as much as I could from the magazine on top, Real Simple (funny how yesterday’s pile had another issue of the same magazine on top), before tossing it out.


But amidst all the great tips, fashion, and recipes, the best part, for me, was this quote in the table of contents:


I love the length of the to-do list pictured above.  My master Christmas list was in this clump of paper.  I feel like playing taps on a bugle in honor of its service to me.


A gloomy, rainy, gray day here.  Good for going through neglected newspapers and magazines and letting the tea kettle flow.  Pretty sad that our guests are dropping away like leaves from the poinsettia.


There is a certain magic to a rainy day.




A reminder to take the rain with the sun.


Weather, like Christmas, is not perfectly managed.

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