Cut-outs and Cut-ups

Clump #145: Clear pile of comic and quotation clippings.

Pile numero cuatro in the Flippin February Paper Pile Purge.  Another relatively small one, and enjoyable to revisit … but difficult to part with. My husband or I either clipped them out of the newspaper or, in the case of the one on the top, saved the calendar page.  What now?


The ones I’m responsible for were doubly funny in that they reflect the situation addressed in this here blog.  The Cathy comic strip is yellowed from age (2004 or 2009 ?), and looks like it was hanging up somewhere to remind me to get rid of documents.  Though they’re still dear to me, I’m ready to toss them.


I had to tape together this Zits comic strip (which my son could have written) with three quotes from the Cryptoquote puzzle in my little notebook of thoughts and inspirations.  Interesting how similar the advice is from the Buddha, Charles Simmons, and Saint Francis of Assisi.


This one made the “cut,” also:


My husband wanted to bring a Dilbert comic he had cut out long ago to work .  Ready to go:


In the spirit of comic relief, I was visiting my mom today and, as usual, found evidence of creative people in the town of Strasburg, PA.

The lighting on this snow-maid was not the best, but her colorful crown of flowers was something to behold.  Think Spring!


And then there was a whole beach scenario in another yard.   A man being hunted by sharks:


A woman screaming for help, as she watches him:


A surfer snow-dude:


Possibly a marimba-playing snow musician:


Impressing this snow-sun-goddess?


So, back to business.  These are the ones I am parting with, with fond appreciation for the smiles they gave me.


Like the snow-people getting us through a long winter, they had their moment in the sun.

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