White Out

Clump # 144:  Clear out little pile number 3 of 28; shovel big clumps of snow.

Okay, I admit: the clump today was laughably small for my Flippin February Paper Pile Purge.  Not quite qualifying as a “pile,” it was several papers our younger daughter had sorted together as a favor to me in January; they all pertained to my husband’s credit card. He took a look at them and declared that they should all be shredded. Done.


The big clumps we cleared today were a different type of white stuff clogging our world:


Boulder-size clumps of snow.


This was our eleventh snowfall of the season … with more arriving imminently.


We haven’t gotten so sick of it yet that we take for granted the marvelous beauty it bestows on the landscape.


Even from indoors.


Right now (before we go snow-crazy), the snow is teaching me a lesson in my quest to eradicate our problem paper: small things done consistently can really add up to a big thing.


Like the clearing away of one little pile after another.

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