Love What You’re Doing

Clump #151:  Purge paper pile number ten of twenty-eight.

Most of pile number ten of my project was easily filed in the 2012 taxes folder.  Why had 2013 been efficiently taken care of, and not the year before?  A mystery we may never solve.


My younger daughter had sorted a few other items into this pile, and one paper was clipped to an — empty —  legal pad.  YAY!  Easy peasy. Once again, the idea of confronting the chore was worse than the reality.


I watched the Olympics last night and haven’t been able to stop thinking about something I heard during the women’s figure skating event.  I’m fascinated by the words a coach says to his/her athlete right before they go out on that unpredictable ice, the final bit of mental programming.  When Gracie Gold was about to skate, her coach Frank Carroll said, “Love what you’re doing.”  I was so impressed by the profundity of those words.  I ended up writing down her interpretation of it during the post-skate interview:


Sportscaster Andrea Joyce: “Frank told you to enjoy your skating, love your skating.  How important is it for you to embrace that?”

Gracie Gold: “Really important.  We’ve been reading Phil Jackson’s book [Eleven Rings The Soul of Success, by Phil Jackson (legendary NBA coach) and Hugh Delehanty] and … when you let go of all the fear, that’s when you find the love — not just sports, but anything in life.”

So often you hear people say, “Do what you love.”  But “Love what you’re doing” makes so much more sense.  It might just be my new mantra.  There are unsavory parts to even dream jobs.  Mundane shopping today was imbued with beauty in that frame of mind.  What’s not to love about this sky?


Love what you’re doing … letting go of fear and skating through one pile at a time.


  1. Thanks for posting this! I was just thinking about loving what I do and finding that that is the reason I give myself for doing some of the things I do. No matter what good there are, if I love doing them their meaning will come later.


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