Three Bags Full

Clump #152:  Pile number eleven of the twenty-eight paper piles in February challenge.

Today’s paper pile was petite.  It was a bunch of papers addressed to our older daughter, who no longer lives with us.  One ancient newsletter, bank rate notice, and tax forms: easily filed or shredded.


And speaking of shredding, as much as I’ve been marveling at how easy this project is turning out to be (in direct opposition to the dread with which I approached it), the proof is in these bags waiting to be kicked to the curb and picked up by the recycling truck.  Mama Mia!  That’s a lotta shredding!


In other news, we are so ready to show winter the door.  Another big storm is predicted for tomorrow and Thursday.  Enough!


I was shopping in a store yesterday and a salesman there said to me, “I fired Mother Nature last week.  She didn’t get the memo!”


We’re getting a little winter-weather-wacky.  Help!  (Another Strasburg, PA snow creation:)


Hope you are faring better!


  1. Love the snowboard sculpture.
    Keep up the good work.
    Don’t know how you manage a daily blog schedule.
    For me I’m doing well to post once a week.
    U R awesome!

    P.S. Did some reading over the weekend, mining material collected many years before by my late father and buried in his files. I discovered that Edward Hicks, Hans Holbein and William Hogarth all painted signs at some point early in their careers. REALLY looking forward to integrating works of fine art by these masters into a future blog post!


  2. I really appreciate your support!! Seems counterintuitive, but for me, posting daily is easier. Never would have believed that.

    Looking forward to reading about the sign makers!


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