A Red Letter Day

Clump #167:  Sort piles 26 and 27 of 28 … almost there!

Yesterday’s post was so long and rambling, I’m condensing the next-to-last two piles into one.  The first contained medical statements and bills; on the right are the ones we’ll keep and, as usual, the bigger pile is the one going to the curb.


Second pile, for which I could have almost used the same photo, contained paperwork from charitable organizations, and a dash of EZ Pass statements.  Most we shredded and recycled, while a few, detailing gifts, we filed in the appropriate tax folder.


In both cases, so much was easy to do away with, but each contained just a few items requiring action, or papers about which we would definitely be saying “Where did we put the …” for an immediate need. Now — we know just where they are!

The pigment therapy color for today is red.  Below, my younger daughter at the Montreal Biosphere, spotting her mom at it again with the camera.  She’s the most beautiful flower of all!  (Said with complete objectivity.)

One thing I’ve been noticing about red is that a little goes a long way.


Like these berries artfully arranged on a shed door:


Or this red barn roof:


Sparking up a field of taupe:


Or white:


Or white and blue:


Like the William Carlos Williams poem, The Red Wheelbarrow:

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white


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