Goodbye to Dust Mites and Monochrome


Clump #189:  Decide what to do with bedding from son’s bedroom.

Today’s clump was big and bulky, but easy to dispense with.  Our son said he didn’t need his college back-cushion … so to the Goodwill it will go.  I will launder the bedspread set.  The pillows were as old as Methuselah (do people still say that?), so I threw them out.  Heaven only knows the dust mite colony that likely thrived within.


In keeping with this color scheme, I thought I’d pay tribute to the tans, grays and browns that are quickly vanishing from the landscape.  We’ll miss you? … Maybe just a teeny, tiny little bit.

A pumpkin stem that outlived its source, like an old bone.


I spotted this feather on a windy day.  Another remnant of another body.


Such an elegant line.


The duck on the rock stands still amidst the current of change (I was wishing I had had a better lens).


Yellow and green are taking over now.


The full color spectrum is ours again!



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