Sunlike Inspiration


Clump #191: Sort through son’s remaining eating/drinking-ware from college.  Day sixteen of my 30-day, 30-post Bedroom Blast Challenge.

Over halfway through the challenge!  Today’s clump is an example of the glacially slow pace of this project.  Our industrious younger daughter dove in to start the job, organizing what had previously been stuffed into our overseas son’s bedroom when making space for overnight guests. She even labeled each pile.  Now what to do with it all?

The plastic cups and aluminum bottles will go in the recycling bin.  I gave him that box of cleaning tablets for metal water bottles … most likely one of my thrillingly practical stocking stuffers.  (Oh boy!  Just what I’ve always wanted!)  I happened to notice that they’re untouched.  They and the bowl and knife can either go in the Goodwill pile or hang out here with his other “keep” items.


It’s small, tedious piles like this one that make me feel as though I’m not making any progress.  But the fact is, the room is clearing out.  Drip … drip … drip.

I drove to Lancaster County to see my mom today, and saw this:   So wrong!


The poor, garbed goose of Strasburg was entirely unprepared for the cold snap.  She must have donned the floral number when temperatures were in the eighties.


I chose to focus on fabulous forsythia, with flowers and stems like rays of sunshine.


Sometimes my mom will say something so memorable, I have to write it down.  Her most frequent question is “What are the kids doing today?” About one daughter, she said, “This is her sunrise time.”

I relayed her comment to our daughter, and she loved it.  You don’t need to worry about or force the sunrise.  It’s inevitable.


Inevitable as flowers in spring and warmth returning to the earth.  And, now, clutter leaving our home.

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