Tabletop Tribulations

Clump #213:  Start clearing kitchen table.  Day nine of my 30-day challenge (has it only been nine days?!)

Now that our kitchen island is clear of clutter (yesterday’s clump), we may enjoy the abundant fruits of summer collected in its center, a changeable work of art.


Aaaand … right next to it is the kitchen table, full to bursting with the fruits of our negligence.  ACK!  Is it my imagination, or is Neuroscientist Richie Davidson on the cover of mindful magazine laughing at me?  Or maybe it’s a grimace that says, “How can I meditate in all this clutter? Get me out of here!”


I found and payed some bills, which felt like detonating land mines, then rifled through part of the daunting task until a clear space was born.  I didn’t want to make myself crazy.  Just one clump … one step at a time. The less onerous the clump, the more motivated I’ll be to tackle another tomorrow.


Now the reward: two library books that seemed to be put out on display just for me:


Excuse me while I put the kettle on.

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