Clumps Happen

Clump #214:  Clear one more quarter of kitchen table.  Day ten of 30-day challenge.


I almost started this post with a different photo, but thought better of it. Our mudroom is the domain of Pumpkin, our cat.  Her litter boxes (yes, plural) are in there, where her rule is law.  One rule is that anything falling on the floor is fair game. I had put a bag of plastic bags on a shelf in there with the intent to recycle the whole bunch, but this morning it was on the floor when I, half asleep, picked it up … too quickly to see the puddle of cat pee that immediately splashed onto my bare feet.  Oh man, the wake-up call from Hell!  Welcome to “one of those days.”

Okay, I just searched back for a picture of Pumpkin, and found this one … another very different morning, and offering, exactly as it was, untouched by humankind.


I guess what I’m saying is that no matter how bad a day, how many insults and disappointments, a clump can be cleared and a bit of order restored.  More kitchen table clutter:


And now a full half table of usable space is available.


I feel the need to pretty-up, or freshen-up this post.  Last week I saw these lovely pink flowers popping out by the roadside:


I learned they are called surprise lilies, from the amaryllis family.  They bloom after their leaves die, thus, another of their names: resurrection lilies.


Hope springs eternal.  Tomorrow is another day.

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