Pumpkin Snickerdoodle

Clump #238:  Bake Pumpkin Snickerdoodles; day three of seven day bake-a-thon.


Today’s recipe (or clump, if you may) is a cookie that was featured in Parade magazine as the most popular recipe on Pinterest from the state of Oregon.  All fifty states’ top recipes can be found here.


The recipe called for a dash of allspice, and I was excited to use teeny little measuring spoons that belong to my younger daughter.  I never knew the difference between a dash, a smidgen, and a pinch before we had these.


The finished product.  Are they as luscious as the photo in Parade magazine?  Is the pumpkin flavor too subtle to the point of nonexistent?   Purchase a couple at the Fall Festival and you tell me.


In they go with their cookie cousins.


Happiness is …  a freezer full of cookies …


And fabulous Fall color!


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