Technophobia and Other Clumps

Clump #175:  Get more cyber-storage space and recycle plastic bags.

Good Lord, I am so thoroughly technophobic.  Loyal readers might have noticed a lapse in my clumping and posting, and it’s because I reached the limit of storage space WordPress allows for free.  I’d filled up my allotment of cyber space in the process of freeing up the storage space around our house.

And then I became flummoxed about how to fix the problem … I eventually figured it out, by myself (not whimpering to one of my family members) (well maybe just a bit).  My younger daughter pointed out that this resolution is its own type of clump.

So here we go again!  To the recycle bin: plastic bags that multiply like bunnies, no matter how much we use re-usables:


Spring may have arrived this week, but for now it coexists with snow creatures from the Winter-Age.


They remind me of dinosaur fossils, relics from another era.


Especially since they seem to have risen from underground, not fallen from the sky.


But — wait — there is other white rising from the ground …


A snowdrop of a different kind!


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