Another Challenge Takes Flight

Clump #176:  Start Bedroom Blast Challenge; sort out electronics.

This is a post about stuck-ness in various forms.  Some readers might remember the goose with the rotating wardrobe I drive past in Strasburg, PA on visits to my mom.  During the end of winter, and what should have been spring, I had begun to worry about the goose’s clothier … the outfit hadn’t changed in weeks … maybe months?  This photo was taken a week ago, at the beginning of our last (LAST) snow.


The lack of sartorial variety couldn’t have been for lack of cold weather outfits:


This was a favorite …


Certainly this one is only appropriate around December 25 …


And for a while there was no change due to the unrelenting snow.  I think we could all feel her pain:


But the snow banks have receded.  Spring is here, according to the calendar.  I declared to myself that spring would officially start when I saw a warm weather outfit on my fine feathered and finely attired friend.

To recap: stuck outfit, stuck weather, and, oh yes, the clump!  Our son’s room, too, had been in suspended animation since he left for Norway last summer.  I had been avoiding the accumulation of home-from-college detritus we’d shoved into his closet many times to make way for guests.  Talk about stuck!  I couldn’t look in there without getting overwhelmed.  And then I became stuck in neglecting this blog.  Ugh!

To the rescue, my younger daughter, hereby nicknamed “The Miracle Worker,” spent a good deal of her spring (?) break busting through the accumulation.  Another enormous gift, like the paper sorting magic she performed that spearheaded my last challenge. Again, she sorted everything into logical piles.  This looks bad, but believe it or not, it’s an improvement:


So another challenge is born.  And an extra reason to Skype with our son, as I’ll need to figure out what he wants to keep and what to toss. Clump number one: gadgets from college.  He took the light box (minus its box) with him to Norway to get through the long, dark winter.  We’ll save the Brita; the SteamBuddy goes to Goodwill.


Inch by inch, row by row (something these Amish work horses I drove by know a thing about), we’ll get through this overwhelming chore.


The sun has returned … and so, soon, will our son (to a clear room).


And, what do you know … Pretty Miss Goose is ready for April showers!


Am I losing it, or is she smiling?


Thirty days … ready, set, go!


  1. Judy, you are a lovely writer and I am so sympatico with your worldview. I would have had the same thought about the goose, and would have watched faithfully for her change–pinning my hopes and plans on her attire. And, YES, she is smiling, just ever so perceptibly in that last frame. It IS different–she lives. You are NOT losing it.


  2. Judy,
    Loved this post, especially the concerns about the goose and her garb. Particularly liked the use of words such as detritus and sartorial! Yeah! Thanks for being a writer!


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