Boxing Day

Clump #178:  Clear boxes from son’s room and flatten for recycling.

Day three of my Bedroom Blast Challenge, whereby I clear out the accumulation of stuff in our son’s room one clump a day.  The goal is to welcome him home from a year in Europe without following up with: “Now go clean your room.”

It has been a collaborative effort. Many of the boxes I bulldozed through today were from cool shoes he had either purchased or received as gifts; he had saved the boxes for possible resale.  He now admits that the shoes are pretty thoroughly banged up and wouldn’t be sellable.  (Very satisfying to get rid of the box on top for SAT flash cards … you’re outta here!)


So … a big hunk of cardboard is kicked to the curb for recycling, which frees up the Chi in his bedroom, not to mention the walking space.


In the garage, ready to go:


I saw a story on the web today about a father who put the contents of his daughter’s messy bedroom out in the driveway with a sign, below.  From the looks of it, even the curtains.   It had aired on Good Morning America.  The daughter, Haley, seemed to have taken her punishment quite well, considering the humiliation … poor girl.  Then I realized that, in a way, I’m doing the same thing with the contents of our son’s room, publicizing it for all the world to see!  (With his permission, of course.)

This is the way of the world:


Push out the old to make room for the new.


And of course, always recycle.


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