Weighty Books and Horsey Looks

Clump #179:  Send son list of book titles.  Day four of the 30-day, 30-post Bedroom Blast Challenge. Mission: clear out our son’s bedroom before he returns home and deposits more stuff in there.

I sent our son an email listing all 44 titles from the box below so that he can decide what to keep and what to give away.  I added that I would not mind a bit if he wanted to let go of any I had given him.

Our younger daughter had sorted and labeled each pile. Another box, “books #2,” awaits.


This post is brought to you by the color Yellow!


I can’t get enough of it, especially on a gray, drizzly day.  The focus on the photo below was a bit off … I was trying to fill the screen with yellow … and then I heard the equine version of “Ahem …”


“May I help you?”


I wasn’t the only one loving the sprightly color of daffodils today.


Hooray for daffodils!  (The long-awaited springtime is making me daffy!)


  1. You sent your son a list of 44 book titles for him to look over. We shoved our sons’ books into the corner of the garage in boxes that are now saturated with stink bugs. Potato, po-ta-to.


  2. Ha-ha! If he’s anything like his mother, it’s harder to part with books when you’re reacquainting yourself with them, and they’re in your hands. “I haven’t read this in (insert big number) years, but maybe I’ll read it now.”


    1. Indeed–I’m the same way. I don’t understand the Kindle phenomenon. You can’t lovingly revisit the book with its special cover, illustrations, and if you’re lucky–your old annotations in the margins!


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